Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-13

  • WP 2.8 followup: deactivated plugins, then cleaned out cache. Screen options works, added plugins 1 at a time & now all is well. #
  • For a country that bans much of the internet, those clever Chinese sure have figured out how to spam blogs. Gmail is their friend. #
  • WP 2.8 users: can’t get Dashboard’s Screen Options dropdown box to open, anybody having this issue? Tried deactivating plugins, no joy. #
  • WP 2.8 users: many upgrade error solutions here: (RT @iheartwordpress @spidermann @CatsEyeDesign) #
  • Effective 404 error or maintenance pages: best practices from Smashing Magazine #
  • Well of course I meant “great food for thought” … dang typos! #
  • Gret food for thought: “How are you evolving YOUR business?” #
  • 1.5 hours until we pick a winner for today’s #Squarespace giveaway! Hmm…who will it be? (RT @squarespace) Shrek: Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 #
  • Interesting, my WP installation using @woothemes doesn’t indicate there’s a WP upgrade available. Maybe it’s just thinking about it? #
  • WP 2.8 compatibility status update (for woothemes): (RT @woothemes) See changelog in zip for files to replace! #
  • Jumping on the #squarespace iPhone giveaway bandwagon, even followed them @squarespace – is this for real? #
  • WordPress 2.8 baby! (RT @chriscoyier) #
  • Take this: (Why web developers don’t need a Mac) and sleep tight. (Oh Gawd, I AM a geek. Sigh.) #
  • Some great Nature Wallpaper images for your desktop from Tripwire: #
  • Solid info on usability, particularly for website designers, from Jakob Nielsen: #
  • Reading: Lifehacker’s 2009 List of Essential FREE Windows Downloads < some great stuff in there! #

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