Please mute the Vuvuzelas

‘Tis the summer of spectator sports: The World Cup, the Tour de France, Golf majors, I could go on …

But the World Cup is turning out to be the event of the infernal buzz. The much-talked-and-written about vuvuzelas may be a cultural phenomenon in South Africa, but for the armchair spectator the darn things completely drown out the rest of the world’s soccer culture song and chants. A much more pleasant, if sometimes annoying too, experience for the auditory senses.

An hour into the first match on Friday, I literally had a thundering headache from the din. Unfortunately, it turns this major event into an annoyance. I find it unpleasant to watch. And ESPN’s new commentators have been really great – if you can stand to listen to the audio long enough to appreciate the nuance the announcers bring to the individual players and teams.

So, Lifehacker has just posted a supposed “fix” to this, since FIFA seems obdurate in its refusal to silence the abominable racket, and in case you want to mute Vuvuzelas, here’s a way to try: Mute the Vuvuzelas!

Even better news if you’re watching on the BBC: they “may filter out” the “incessant drone” following viewer complaints . Read about it here.

How about it, ESPN! If the Beeb can do it, so can you! Please, I’m BEGGING here!

Otherwise we have 3 more weeks to go of this auditory torture. I’m not likely to hang in – my aspirin will run out long before that.

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