Flash mob Christmas surprise!

This morning my sister Carol sent me the link from her local newspaper to this story:

One minute, Stephanie Tritchew was just a face in the busy Seaway Mall crowd, sipping coffee at a cafeteria table and chatting on her cellphone.

The next, the St. Catharines [Ontario] native was standing and belting out “hallelujahs” from the famed chorus in Handel’s Messiah in front of a stunned food court congregation.

“The first reaction was jaw-dropping surprise and people laughing,” said the startling soprano, who broke into song around noon last Saturday at the Welland mall. “Then just about everyone whipped out their phone cameras at once.”

Tritchew wasn’t a one-woman surprise show.

Within minutes, more than 80 Chorus Niagara singers previously blended into the weekend mall multitude had joined the chorus.

This is so much fun, and very moving. Check it out!

Happy Holidays everyone, and a big THANKS, Carol!

6 comments to Flash mob Christmas surprise!

  • That was both joyful and moving. I would have loved to have been part of that “mob”. I’m new to this flash mob phenomena. Do you know how it all started?

    • I don’t, but it’s been around for some time. I believe cell phones are at the heart of how they are organized. And this must have been organized in advance, whereas I think most flash mobs are pretty spontaneous events.

  • That video was mind blowing and I felt the spirit of the Holidays all over watching that. Thanks Linda!

  • Kahna Emery

    I am super excited and inspired to give this information to my daughter’s music teacher! Years ago when I was in another church we were at a retreat and after our last meal that the staff served us we blessed them with the Hallelujah Chorus. It was thrilling–the church was just as blessed as the staff! Thank You for sharing this video-Bless you, K.

  • YVONNE39 Edmondson

    I appreciate your organization and presentation of your site..(particularly since I’m not.. As I may have mentioned in a previous comment you are an exceptional teacher and mentor..

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