Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-06

  • Do you understand RSS and how to subscribe to a feed? Try this video: (RT @therichbrooks) Good job Rich. #
  • Simple way to strengthen your branding – lots of folks don’t know how to use their domain’s email addresses, here’s how: #
  • Why do webcasts so often make people look all pointy nosed. Like the camera is sucking them in nose first. Just wonderin’ … #
  • Good article on how to persuade your audience to take action: #
  • Lifehacker’s “Essential Free Windows Downloads” #
  • Did I mention that I opened the screen door the other day to find a snake perched on TOP of it? “A good climber” – no S*** #
  • What is it with email spammers? They think you’ll do business with them when they’ve pissed you off? Lame. #
  • Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Setting up WordPress after an Install – (RT @problogger) Great tips. #
  • Check that. They DO get boring. #
  • RT @jacqui_cooper: 10 Irritating Mistakes that People Make with Twitter (RT @CovalentCPM) Twitters can get boring. #
  • Lifehacker looks at the Five Best Netbooks: They look so irresistable! #

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