Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Man the lifeboats! It’s been raining in St. Augustine for 6 straight days and looks like another 4-5 ahead. LOTS of flooding around. #
  • Have a great weekend y’all! Headed out to an Irish Pub for some nearly authentic fish & chips. Will diet tomorrow … or the next day. #
  • Use Photoshop to give yourself a digital diet: (via @thepioneerwoman) Quick & easy! #
  • 19 Excellent Twitter Plugins For WordPress (RT @pimpmywordpress) #
  • RT @barrybain Make sure you thank a Military Vet for their service to our country. Without them there would not be a Memorial Day. #
  • Taking an extra long Memorial Day weekend to celebrate our 36th anniversary on Tuesday! Just going to chill, and it’s about time. #
  • Why do I ALWAYS get a Network Timeout when I’m trying to check out folks’ urls shortened by (Using FireFox 3.0) #
  • Excellent advice on how to deal with someone who’s angry: #
  • Whew, just added my pantry’s ingredients & have 2,000 recipes to make for dinner tonight. Yoiks! Now can Supercook decide for me? #
  • Don’t know what to make for dinner? Type in ingredients you have on hand & SuperCook comes up with ideas: #
  • Important retired brass plead for action on climate change: (RT @bittman) #
  • Lemmings? Why does someone with 2 updates have over 2000 followers??? Are they all holding their breath for the next update? #
  • Just posted a beautiful little video: – hope it makes you feel peace! #
  • Reading: 9 Practices for Process-Oriented Creativity – less intention is more, it would seem. #
  • Interview with “Dancing with the Stars” costume designer: They do a phenomenal job every week. I’m a sewing amateur! #
  • Shoot, I tweeted that the words “internet marketing expert” turn me off and instantly got auto-followed by a bunch of IME’s promising $$ #
  • #3turnoffwords Internet Marketing Expert #
  • Hey Tweeps, my technology-savvy 80-year-old Mom just joined twitter! Say hi to @lckb – stands for her daughters, Linda, Carol, Karen, Bev #
  • Urban Land Institute conducting visioning session on Florida’s First Coast on Thursday: #
  • The #wolframalpha tip was courtesy of my Niagara College @kotlnc sister, THANKS Karen! #
  • If you haven’t checked out #wolframalpha – do yourself a favor, watch his video. KUDOS to the visual designers too – minimalist cool. #
  • Happy Victoria Day, Canada! Fond childhood memories of fireworks, hot chocolate and buttery toast fingers. #

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