Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Cool resource for monitoring brands in backtweets:
  • Useful color scheme and palette generators: (via @gracesmith) > decisions, decisions.
  • The Players Championship is happening this weekend and Tiger’s yacht is docked here: Big deal in a small town!
  • Reading: 45 free useful thumb drive applications – good stuff to know about!
  • Contemplating how to convert our corporate website ( into a less formal blog format. Many decisions to make.
  • Add music to your tweets with (via @therichbrooks) Excellent introduction Rich, thanks!
  • … and Glenda Watson Hyatt is an inspirational human being. Read about her here: (and get that free ebook!)
  • Outstanding FREE ebook on making your blog accessible, a must read: (via @lorelleonwp) …
  • … that was courtesy of my beautiful Mom this morning! Check out some of the other related videos from PlayingForChange on youtube.
  • GREAT version of Stand by Me from the documentary “Playing for Change: Peace Through Music”. Your toes will be tappin’
  • BlackBerry Curve more popular than iPhone (via @waltmossberg) Maybe I won’t covet the iPhone so much now!
  • Great advice and suggestions on honoring the other participant in your communications:
  • BlackBerry Curve more popular than iPhone (via @waltmossberg) Maybe I won’t covert the iPhone so much now!
  • Jamie Pugh – the next Sarah Boyle? Check out this talented voice
  • Cool collection of Photoshop Ornament Brushes – (via @Minervity)
  • Great tips on converting your color digital photos into beautiful B&W (via @katharnavas)
  • And BTW brilliant win by Calvin Borel & Mine That Bird, breathtaking race & I’m not even a fan.
  • Brilliant ad placement in Kentucky Derby TV broadcast by 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in Canada. The power of suggestion!

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