Canadians give thanks

This coming Monday, October 8th – Columbus Day here in the U.S. – is Canadian Thanksgiving. As a Canadian, I think the Fall harvest makes perfect timing for giving thanks – thanks for our family and all our daily blessings.

Canadians celebrate this holiday with basically the same traditions as Americans. After all, as my wonderful late father, Eric McComb, always told us: “We’re all North Americans.”

Families get together and hang out. Kids play, Dads watch baseball or a CFL game or two, Moms roast turkeys stuffed with traditional bread-sage-celery-onion dressing. And accompanying the main course, a cornucopia of Fall vegetables and fruits. Gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed brussels sprouts (apologies to Mom, she doesn’t like ’em), and roasted turnip are de rigeur in our family.

And then the finale: luscious fresh homemade desserts, often apple or pumpkin pies. However, for this Canadian, one of my favorite desserts is quintessentially Canadian: Butter Tarts. And I have two of the Best Butter Tarts recipes around. The very best is my Mom’s. The second best is one from my files that originated in a bakery on Queen Street in Toronto whose name I no longer know.

On this Thanksgiving, I share these with you. Life is good. Happy Thanksgiving.


The Best Canadian Butter Tarts – Doreen McComb’s Recipe
The Next Best Canadian Butter Tarts

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